EasyTex - soft and washable pads for incontinence

- soft and washable pads for incontinence

EasyTex incontinence pads is a sustainable alternative to disposable pads - they are made of soft textile materials that can be washed and reused 120-200 times.

With an average use of three disposable pads per day, the yearly need is 1095 disposable pads. With EasyTex, the need is below ten pads per year, hence it protects the environment from large amount of waste and provides a yearly saving up to 80%.

In Denmark, it is estimated that more than 400,000 women, men and children of all ages suffer from incontinence or involuntary urination.

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Danish design

The idea started in 2012, after manufacturer Villy H. Bertelsen completed the hand-over of the 100-year-old underwear company Anky Production with 300 employees to the fourth generation.

With his in-depth knowledge of textile materials and production, Villy H. Bertelsen wanted to develop a new type of pad that could encapsulate urine with use of a new sewing technique. The challenge was to develop a technique for sewing a waterproof fabric membrane. One small hole from a sewing needle would result in a leak.

It was easier said than done, and it has taken six years of intensive work to reach the ambition. A successful journey, where development, design and tests has taken place in close cooperation with the patent office, health professionals and a number of people with incontinence.

The pads is tied up with the belonging underpants using a small button and the user can easily move around or even exercise with no genes and without being afraid of the consequences of involuntary urination .

When the pad is filled with liquid, it is removed from the underpants and folded and placed in the belonging air and waterproof bag. The pad can be stored in the bag for days before being taken out and washed. It can be washed like all other fabrics in a washing machine at 60-95° as well as it can be tumble-dried before it is ready to be used again up to 120-200 times.

EasyTex offers anatomically designed solutions for both women and men with minor incontinence.

Safe and
high comfort

The result has been the patented EasyTex incontinence pad made of soft and comfortable materials. The pads are thin and has a high absorbency. It is discreet, there are limited risk of leaks and it has no odors.

Continued development

Soon, people with severe incontinence can also look forward to a reusable solution. EasyTex is currently successfully testing prototypes for men in a standing, sitting and lying position. The test results show that there are no contact with the skin or leaks.

The ambition is to develop models that give the user optimal comfort and full dignity - and are as secure as EasyTex are for easy incontinence.


We are always looking for new collaborations with shakeholders or other intrestparties regarding distribution and further development of our products.

Our patent number is: DK179678