What others say

L. Pedersen, Nurse

55 years. 1. test period


I feel more secure with EASYTEX binding, due to its large and fast suction capability. When I have to pee it comes in shock. These shocks can record EASYTEX bindings.

I consistently use the EASYTEX bindings, great to wear them on.

Today I only use EASYTEX then:

EASYTEX cushions are skin friendly.

EASYTEX is perfect for sports running, cycling and more. (Paper lumps for sports).

The EASYTEX cushions are comfortable to wear and provide more comfort in everyday life.

EASYTEX is also environmentally friendly.

I would like to use EASYTEX.


L. Pedersen, nurse

55 years. 2. testperiod

EasyTex cushions are comfortable to wear and provide more comfort in everyday life.

They are also environmentally friendly.

The result shows that the products have not lost their quality and appearance during the period, and that the absorbency is very fast and has not changed during the test period.

L. Pedersen, nurse

55 years. 3. testperiod

I have now used the incontinence product EASYTEX for approx. 9 months.

I am extremely satisfied with the product, as they are firmly attached to the panty, which has been specially developed for the use of the binders.

I am an active sportsman: Bikes, walks, fitness and golf and always feel confident about the product, for the incontinence problem I have. The product is very skin friendly. I have previously had skin irritation of the general. paper products.

It works fine for me with the plastic bags for used volumes. Only they are kept tightly closed, there are no odor nuisances, and they become perfectly clean and remain hygienic after washing at 60 degrees or more. Mine is washed countless times and there are no wear signs yet.

I am happy with the shape the ties have, as they cannot be seen through even tight-fitting jeans.

I feel good about it is good for the environment that the product is not a one-time product, but can be used again and again.

L. Pedersen, Nurse

55 years. 4. test period

The panties are absolutely perfect and the pads are perfectly fitting after the last correction.

I have no idea of ​​using other type of bindings an EASYTEX that I have used daily for 15 months.

I feel very safe from leakage - even when I do sports.

There are no signs of wear on the napkins after the first 15 months of use.

This is very important: The panties must always be tight-fitting (this applies to all types of pads), there is a distance from the body to the napkin, and the pee is cooled, and you will pee even more!

EASYTEX is environmentally friendly products - it weighs a lot on me.

My consumption of volume is 2-3 volumes per. day, when I am home, but is 4-5 volumes per day. day when I'm away from home.

After washing, the ties should preferably be dried in tumbler.

I use the bags several times and there can be 2 used volumes in the bags per. walk.

C. Jensen, Incontinence patient

58 years. 1. testperiod

Herewith a few words about EASYTEX:

 I have been a user of EASYTEX since week 41/2016 and have only good to say about the product.

I am heavily burdened with incontinence, since I both suffer from Stress and URGE incontinence (last mentioned because of a failure surgery for Stress Incontinence which caused both Stress and Urge Incontinence).

When I use EASYTEX I feel myself - as well as being far more secure - in my daily life, especially when I am not at home and cannot expect a toilet nearby.

On a charter holiday it is nice to know that one can reach safely, as EASYTEX sucks much more urine than normal volume.

EASYTEX is soft in use and becomes even softer with time.

EASYTEX product gets my best recommendations.

C. Jensen, Incontinence patient

58 years. 2. test period

EASYTEX bindings give me great security.

I always use EASYTEX when I go 18 holes on the golf course, and otherwise when I'm out of the house.

The ties are very durable.

When I am out of the house I always use the EASYTEX ties because they absorb urine better than a disposable binder, and I feel more confident with EASYTEX.

The ties are 100% perfect and in the right place, both when I ride a bike, run m.

I give the EASYTEX bindings my best recommendations.